At Cornerstone we offer advanced seminars through an on-line platform that shares financial knowledge and exchange of ideas to CPA’s seeking Social Security and retirement guidance. Not only does this help educate participating CPA’s personally, but it also allows the opportunity to help their proprietary book of business. Cornerstone strives in providing highest quality and forward-thinking educational content to accounting and business professionals. Our vision is to help educate and work closely with CPA’s in their primary areas of business and in those areas looking to specialize elsewhere.
Cornerstone continues to create positive changes through our dedicated work, which is measured by successfully delivering:


Top experts who continuously stay up to date with the most recent changes in the industry, the most innovative products and services to best service clients.


Quality analytics and software that support personalized reports to help run individual reports to specific financial situations and solutions.


Complementary Continuing Education credits to CPA’s that attend any educational seminars and workshops